I think I Love You, Love Me!

Fan of Golden age stars!! anne bancroft is the best!!!

Streisand, like sand on the beach.

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best exit ever omg.


best exit ever omg.

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I’m very very grateful that the fans of Empire Magazine who I somehow assume are a great deal younger than me, have seen fit to give this shiny and glorious award to a woman of 54 who really should know better. Thank you, very much !

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still the best thing thats ever come out of his mouth

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The stars are ageless » Myrna Loy

"You wouldn´t believe it now, but I know what it means to be shy. I was scared as a mouse growing up. Although busy and doing many things, I had difficulty talking to people for years. I´ve worked to overcome it. There isn´t anybody I won´t take now - within the bounds of propriety, shall we say."

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Laura Benanti explains Shakespeare.

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